heading 1b


by Mario Pommier

earthrise as seen from the moon
it's a planet's rise
with it, you and I rise
and in our lives a possibility on the rise
understanding and compassion rise in earthrise . . .
   the capacity to give what is needed
   and the knowledge of where to direct our efforts
   it's compassion-rise and wisdom-rise
all-together-rise and inside-ourselves-rise,
it's the benefit-of-humankind-rise,
and the needs-of-others-in-our-conscience-rise:
with earthrise, it's the universe-in-our-souls-rise,
   at every moment, from some point in space
   always a part of the earth on the rise.
and also an earthset
   we struggle with our limitations
      so for their blessing to rise, let our expectations set;
   we mustered our purest intention,
      it's time to let go now and let acceptance set;
   perhaps we couldn't see, we got confused, went the wrong way, and fell. . .
      we'll learn if we let that experience set;
   when we suffer, when things hurt
      let the teaching-from-our-lives-in-our-souls-set;
   and if we see someone in trouble, if we want to help,
      let our eagerness set,
      and through kindness, help the answer-in-their-hearts rise
for it's inside-rise and inside-set, all-together-rise and all-together-set
love-in-our-souls-set, and love-in-our-lives-rise
even as we see a colorful sunset, a beautiful sunrise
it's a full-of-meaning earthset, meaning-in-our-lives earthrise . . .