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Unfolding as a Journey

by Susan Martersteck

Susan lives in Deerfield, Illinois with her husband, Chris, who interviews her here. Susan has been a member of Cafh since 1986 and has worked as a hospice chaplain for the past 14 years.

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Practical Awakenings

By Robert Tolz

I love my aquarium fish, not only for their beauty, but also for what they teach me.

Fish swim with joy. They dart up and down, side-to-side, sometimes even backwards. I imagine that they have no idea what water is and they think they’re flying.

The lesson for me is that we have a hard time seeing and understanding in a complete way the context in which we live, simply because we are so utterly immersed in our surroundings.

The Mysticism of the Heart is a Force of Love

by Ana Cristina Flor, Director of Cafh*

At this hour of transcendent importance for humanity and for the whole planet, we, who have chosen to follow the Path of Cafh, are called to make our contribution to propel forward the evolution of human consciousness and of all life.

A Dialogue Reflection on Inner Freedom

by Tom Langdon

This reflection in the form of a back-and-forth dialogue with the Divine Mother is inspired by the discursive meditation exercise taught in Cafh. The meditator has the feeling that his life is not very significant. He starts by asking the Divine Mother a question:

How can I pursue meaning in this life?

Engaging the Executive: The Affective Meditation

by Diana Autumn

Have you ever been in a situation that affected you in a very profound way, only to find out that others had experienced the same situation in a very different way? Events are neutral, but how we experience them depends on how we perceive and interpret them.