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What’s a Method of Life?

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Hallowing the Day: a Practice


Potter HandA method of life is as liberating and enriching as I make it.
For example, I might create simple practices for myself centered on the idea of “hallowing the day” and then experiment with them to see how I can incorporate them into my daily routine. I could begin like this:

How can I hallow my day? Maybe the day is holy already, and what I need to do is simply recognize its sacredness and respond to it!

As I walk through the day:

  • I will touch common objects—dishes, clothes, books—with gratitude, remembering how they serve me and thinking of the people who made them.

  • I will approach living beings—the person squashed up against me on the subway, my hyperactive child, the coworker with a grudge, the sidewalk tree and the sparrows, a sick animal—with reverence.

  • When the heavens open and the rain descends, I will say “Thank you.”

What other approaches help you keep your intention of hallowing the day firmly in your mind and heart?

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