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“We’ll melt in the bosom of humanity.”


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 by Peter Evanoff



Thus we met and lived together.
Our minds mirrored the immensity.
The joys and sorrows,
the needs and the glories and the loneliness
and loves and dreams
of six billion souls
pounded in our chests.
We loved each other
            but who were we?
You were not there, I was not there.
Together we knelt
in the ethereal chapel of music, painting and poetry.
Van Gogh, Picasso, Marc Chagall,
were the prophets of our unbreakable faith.
The folk singers, troubadours of the people, were the choir that chanted our prayers.
Together we touched and read
in ancient monuments
the invisible presence of past humanity.
            How small we are, anyway!
            How small a group!

But an all-embracing smallness, truth,
an all-embracing group of hearts.
            We’re not planning to die, no.
            We’ll melt in the bosom of humanity.
There we’ll chant the hymns of Mother Earth
And those of Heavens
            all at once,
            yes, all at once,
            so small, almost invisible
            an all-embracing smallness.


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