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“What each meditation does is to focus me for that day.”



“I was introduced to meditation at a point in my life when I was searching for something that would lead to a kind of integration of the various forces in my life.”





“The Method, which includes the meditation, group meetings each week, reading teachings and so forth, has continued for me to be a foundational stimulus to lead life in a dynamic way.”




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Integrating Meditation and Daily Life
by Robert Magrisso

Integrating Meditation and Daily Life

Robert Magrisso has been a Cafh member for over 40 years. He was one of the founders of the Cafh group in the Chicago area where he and his wife raised their family and continue to live. He is a physician practicing internal medicine and is also an artist. Many of his articles and artworks are available on the Seeds of Unfolding website (see list below). He is particularly interested in the intersection of science and spirituality. Bob was interviewed by Maristela Zell, a member of the Cafh group in Chicago Bullet

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