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Home » Inspiration » Walking My Spiritual Path: a Discursive Meditation

Walking My Spiritual Path: a Discursive Meditation
 by Diana Autumn                                                                                            

Walking My Spiritual Path: a Discursive Meditation


Divine Mother, help me. Help me, Divine Mother, because I get discouraged. It is taking so long. I always seem to make the same mistakes and remain in the same darkness. Divine Mother, help me for I want to unfold my love. I want to embrace others with kindness, but so many times I fall back into my habitual, selfish ways. Divine Mother, help me to keep going on my spiritual path.




Listen, Daughter. You have not chosen an easy path. You have not chosen a short path. Look to the distance, to the horizon, not at each bump on the road. To walk the path of self-discovery takes self-discipline. You can gain that self-discipline by continuing to walk, and when you fall, get up again and again. You get discouraged because you are looking for quick results. Spiritual unfolding takes a long time. There is no quick fix or answer. There are many stretches of dryness, of apparent lack of progress. That does not mean you are not getting anywhere. What counts is to persevere, to keep on walking, to keep on walking until the end.


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