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My World
by Mary Cook


SerenityThe meditation exercise outlined here is in the form of a dialogue between the meditator and the Divine Mother.  It has three parts; each part lasts 5 minutes:

1st part:
  The meditator invokes the Divine Mother.  She describes her situation and asks for help. 

2nd part:  The meditator tries to suspend her flow of thought.  She waits serenely, not attempting to guess how the Divine Mother will answer her.

3rd part: The Divine Mother responds.

Divine Mother, the TV and the Internet bombard me with important information about what’s going on, yet I remain trapped within my personal world.  How can the information I carry around in my head work itself through all aspects of my life so that I live more consciously?

Waiting in silence

Slow down, my child.  Slow down your inner rushing.  Then you will see yourself more clearly and you will see the fine threads that connect what is inside you—your thoughts, feelings, and decisions— to what now seems to be outside you.  Slow down.

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