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Teach Me to Love
by Judyth Woolfe

Teach Me to Love

In my arising the world stretches and awakens.

Today let me learn to love not just my family and the ones I know but all souls.

Let me love not just the hummingbirds at the feeder but all birds at rest and in flight.

Let me embrace not just the roses in my garden but all flowers everywhere.

Let me love not just the children I teach each day but all children around the world.

Let me embrace the human heart and the hidden heart that is the Mother Divine.

Teach me to love far beyond physical limits and know that I can love completely and universally.

Let me love not just each grain of sand but the whole of every beach.

Let me love all who are human like me whatever they do, good or evil.

Let me love each separate particle of your Creation and know its perfect wholeness.

Crack open my heart for once and all—

Let me be love today. bullet

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