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Meditation in Cafh

"But when we understand that we have a basic need for union with the Divine Mother, it becomes easy for us to speak to her of our love and deepest longings."

from a Cafh course, Nuances of Prayer


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Meditation has been an important element of spiritual training in religions and spiritual paths for centuries, and more recently it has been widely recognized as beneficial for physical and emotional health. The meditation exercises that are an integral part of the path of Cafh lead us to know ourselves more deeply and to develop ways of feeling, thinking and acting that reflect our vocation to expand our love. In the Feature section of this issue, a long-time member of Cafh tells how consistent meditation practice gives him insights into his personal characteristics and helps him integrate his spiritual ideals into his everyday life. The Inspiration section describes Cafh’s meditation-dialogue technique, offering a sample meditation in which the meditator calls upon the Divine Mother for guidance in a particular situation, and the questions someone learning this technique may have are voiced and responded to in Reflections

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